The Benefits of a Breast Lift

Women seek breast lift surgery for a variety of perceived benefits. Most simply want to improve the size and shape so they look better in certain types of clothes or swimsuits, thus increasing their clothing options. Often it is because she wants to wear certain types of clothing without the need for a bra to support the breast. When a woman feels she looks better in clothes it often makes her feel better about herself.

Along with improving the shape and size of the breast, other goals are just as important. Every effort is made to maintain breast function, softness, and sensitivity. It is also critical to minimize interference with breast cancer detection.

Other benefits are obtaining symmetry of the breasts, restoring youthful nipple position and size, and relieving the contact of chest skin with the underside of the breast skin. Most patients are very pleased with results. However, as always, the key to success is realistic expectations.

The satisfaction from mastopexy often depends on the answer to the two following questions:

  1. Does the lift justify the resulting scar?
  2. Does insertion of an implant to give upper pole fullness and shorten the scars justify the trade-offs associated with an implant?

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Breast Augmentation Before & After from Dr. Sloan Little Rock AK


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