Breast Augmentation Fees:
What to Consider

The original implant surgery that typically costs upwards of several thousand dollars is only a portion of the cost you will eventually sustain. If there are complications there will be additional costs early on. Even if there are no surgical complications one should anticipate future expenses as the implants are not likely to last you the rest of your life. Even if your implants last 15 years, a 20 year old patient would be looking at three or more additional operations during her lifetime. These costs should be taken into consideration when you are budgeting for your surgery.

The cost of surgery includes surgeon fees, anesthesiologist and anesthesia supply fees, implants, nursing staff, lab tests performed at the surgery center, and use of the operating room for the estimated operating time. If the procedure takes significantly longer than the time scheduled, expect additional operating room and anesthesia fees. Laboratory services performed outside the surgery center, including pathology lab charges, are billed separately. Prescription costs will be your responsibility. Additional costs may also occur should complications develop from the surgery. All additional surgery or hospitalization charges will be your responsibility. Health insurance companies exclude coverage for cosmetic surgery and any complications that might occur from cosmetic surgery. Health insurance premiums may be dropped, premiums may increase, or future coverage may be denied in patients with breast implants. Please carefully review your health insurance subscriber information pamphlet and underwriting policies.

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Breast Augmentation Before & After from Dr. Sloan Little Rock AK


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