Augmentation Recovery and Healing

Recovery is the time it takes to get over the breast augmentation and return to normal activities. This is measured in days. Healing is the time it takes for all the tissues to get back to as normal as they will get. The breast will attain its final postoperative shape in 6 weeks to 6 months. For all of your sensation to get back to normal may take up to two years.

Recently we have been using a rapid recovery system. Patients have very little bruising and their pain is controlled by non-narcotic analgesics. No bandages, drains, or special bras are used. Patients typically can shower, eat anything they want, and leave the house the day of surgery. You may lift, drive, and resume normal activities within 48 hours of surgery even with implants beneath the muscle. Your incision, whether it is under the breasts, under the arm, or around the nipple will be covered with paper tape. This will stay on for one week after surgery. Usually, there are no sutures to remove.

Many patients have surgery on Friday and return to work on Monday. Light exercise may be resumed in a few days. You may return to full aerobic exercise at two weeks after surgery.

We see our patients at regular intervals after surgery. Follow-up appointments are scheduled at one and three weeks after surgery; then at three months after surgery. If we need to see you more often, we are happy to do so.

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Breast Augmentation Before & After from Dr. Sloan Little Rock AK


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