Scar Locations


  • Advantages
    1. Fine line scar in crease below breast
    2. Less OR time (cost)
    3. Less risk of implant contamination
    4. Often used in secondary surgery
  • Disadvantages
    1. Scar on breast


  • Advantages
    1. Least visible scar, not on breast.
    2. Less risk of implant contamination.
  • Disadvantages
    1. Very difficult to correct sagging (ptosis).
    2. Longer operating time (cost).
    3. Possible interference with sentinel node biopsy.


  • Advantages
    1. Well concealed at edge of nipple.
    2. Easier to contour breast if needed
  • Disadvantages
    1. Requires a certain areola size and shape
    2. Higher risk of implant contamination (infection, capsular contracture).
    3. Greater risk to nipple sensation.
    4. Greatest risk of interfering with breast feeding.
    5. Possible interference with sentinel node biopsy.


  • Advantages
    1. Least visible scar, not on breast.
  • Disadvantages
    1. Pocket developed blindly instead of under direct vision.
    2. May develop lumps or depressions in upper abdomen.
    3. More swelling, bruising, and pain.
    4. Longer recovery.
    5. Possible increased risk of bleeding.
    6. Few secondary operations can be done by this approach.

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