Refine Your Face with Cheek and Chin Implants

Cheek and chin implants are a safe, predictable, low-risk cosmetic surgical procedure.

Chin implants are the best option if you have a weak or receding chin. A chin implant can give you more definition along your jaw line and a more harmonious profile.

Implants are placed to augment and refine the cheek or chin. Cheek and chin implants provide better balance to the face by accentuating your cheeks and chin. By enhancing your cheeks and chin, your facial features are better proportioned.

If you are looking to improve your appearance without major cosmetic surgery, a facial implant is the right choice for you.

If you are interested in cheek and chin implants and would like a confidential consultation, contact us today. Or call our Little Rock, Arkansas plastic surgery office at 501-224-1300.

The staff was very nice. Dr. Sloan is wonderful. I like that he explained things to me so well and, of course, I like that his work is so good. I am very pleased. I tell all my friends to come here.

by D.S.
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